The Best Asphalt Solvent For Removing Build-Up From Paving Equipment

Maintaining clean paving equipment is a constant challenge for paving crews each day. As you know, asphalt is super sticky, which makes it difficult to clean off tools and machinery, leading to increased wear and tear and decreased efficiency throughout the workday. This is where effective asphalt removers and asphalt solvents come into play. These products are crucial for extending the lifespan of equipment and ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of asphalt removers, the disadvantages of common products like diesel, citrus solvents, and soy-based products, and why PavePro stands out as the best solution on the market.

Equipment Maintenance: Asphalt removers play a vital role in cleaning the build-up of asphalt on tools and machinery after it has occurred. This cleaning process is essential for reducing wear and tear, preventing damage, and extending the life of expensive equipment.

You see, every time a cold chunk of asphalt breaks off from a dump body, it clunks and clangs its way through the machine, causing microfractures and damage to fragile components, and ultimately forcing downtime from the job while the machine has to go in for repair

By ensuring that machinery remains free of hardened asphalt, road crews can avoid frequent breakdowns and costly repairs.

Operational Efficiency: Clean equipment also performs better, leading to fewer interruptions and increased productivity. When asphalt build-up is effectively removed, machinery operates smoothly, allowing road crews to focus on completing their tasks without unnecessary delays due to breakages or pauses to clean.

Disadvantages of Common Asphalt Removers

Not every asphalt solvent is created equal, and to be honest, most are crap. Let’s take a look at some of the most common:

Diesel Fuel

Environmental and Legal Issues: Diesel fuel is no longer a viable option due to strict environmental regulations such as the Oil Pollution Act and the Clean Water Act. These regulations prohibit the discharge of petroleum-based products anywhere into the environment, posing significant legal and financial risks (has very little to do with the environment when it comes to the DOT).

Safety Concerns: With a low flash point of around 130°F, diesel is highly combustible, posing a risk of explosions and fires, and destruction to your equipment. This makes it dangerous to use around the high temperatures of hot asphalt.

Inefficiency: Diesel evaporates quickly under high heat, which means it doesn’t stay effective for long. Frequent reapplications are necessary, increasing the overall cost and effort involved in using diesel as an asphalt remover.

Citrus Solvents

High Cost: Citrus-based solvents are significantly more expensive than other options, making them less cost-effective for extensive or frequent use.

Low Flash Point: These solvents have a low flash point of about 115°F, making them highly combustible and unsafe to use around hot asphalt, workers, and equipment.

Soy-Based Products

Moderate Effectiveness: Soy-based products can break down asphaltbut they lack the strength and efficiency of specialized asphalt removers like PavePro. They are not as effective at tackling tough build-up and penetrating deep into the surface of the hardened mix.

Evaporation IssuesSimilar to diesel and citrus, soy-based products evaporate quickly under high heat, reducing their efficacy and requiring frequent reapplications.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

Advantages of PavePro

Not only was PavePro ranked the #1 asphalt solvent by INDOT and Purdue University, but it was lab-formulated and field-tested to do just that: reign as the supreme asphalt cleaning product on the market. 

Superior Cleaning Power

High KB ValuePavePro’s high KB value makes it extremely effective at dissolving asphalt, outperforming diesel, citrus, and soy-based products. This superior cleaning power ensures that even the toughest build-ups are removed efficiently. The KB value of PavePro allows it to penetrate deeply into hardened asphalt, which means you can clean more build-up with less product.

Long-Lasting Effectiveness: PavePro has a high flash point (above 400°F), which means it remains effective for longer periods and doesn’t require frequent reapplications. This makes it more efficient and cost-effective in the long run).

Safety and Environmental Friendliness

Non-Flammable and Biodegradable: PavePro is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and has a high flash point, making it safer for workers and compliant with environmental regulations. It provides a safer alternative to petroleum-based products, reducing the risk of fires and environmental harm. Oh, and it’s 100% DOT-approved. 


Efficient Use: Despite its higher price per gallon compared to diesel, PavePro’s efficiency means less product is needed for the same or better results. This leads to cost savings over time, as fewer reapplications are required and equipment maintenance or cleaning time is minimized.

Dual Functionality as a Release Agent

Preventing Build-Up: PavePro doubles as an asphalt release agent, preventing asphalt from sticking to equipment surfaces. This dual functionality reduces maintenance needs and extends the life of the equipment.

High Flash Point: The high flash point ensures PavePro stays effective under the high temperatures of hot asphalt, unlike other solvents that evaporate quickly. This makes it an ideal choice for both cleaning and preventing asphalt build-up. Its high flash point allows PavePro to outlast diesel fuel as a release agent 3:1.

Why PavePro Stands Out

PavePro’s superior cleaning power, long-lasting effectiveness, safety, environmental friendliness, and cost-efficiency make it the best choice for asphalt removal and maintenance. By providing a safer and more efficient solution, PavePro helps road crews maintain their equipment and improve operational efficiency, making their jobs easier and more productive.

Using the right asphalt remover and solvent is crucial for maintaining equipment and ensuring efficient operations. PavePro stands out as the best solution, offering unmatched cleaning power, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Make the switch to PavePro and experience the benefits of a superior asphalt remover that protects your equipment and enhances your productivity.


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