The IDEAL Asphalt Remover For Crushers And Asphalt Equipment

Investing in your equipment is a huge decision in your crushing or asphalt business. You’re putting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars into your equipment that becomes the livelihood of your business. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the greatest return on your investment in your equipment is proper maintenance and cleaning. Especially in an industry where you’re working with asphalt, which is notorious for being sticky and causing buildup, it’s crucial to properly take care of and clean your equipment to extend its life, reduce wear and tear, and guarantee that is operating efficiently. 

Asphalt Build-Up Negatively Affects Crusher Performance

Whether you’re talking about a crusher or an asphalt paver, the build-up is going to negatively affect your equipment’s performance and lifespan. It does so in two ways: 

  • More Wear and Tear – asphalt sticking in places it shouldn’t, will cause additional abrasion and force your moving components to carry significantly more weight than it is designed to do.
  • Decrease Payload Production – build-up will also prevent your machine or equipment from doing what it’s supposed to be doing. For example, build-up on a belt or conveyor system prevents it from moving as much material as it is supposed to move.

For an asphalt crusher specifically, you’ll experience the following issues according to Rubble Master, a mobile crusher equipment manufacturer:

1) Clogged radiators kill engine power.

The primary issue in asphalt crushing is the accumulation of material on the radiator, leading to engine overheating and power loss. Airborne asphalt dust adheres to the radiator’s hot surface, gradually obstructing airflow. 

2) Build-up on rollers causes belt misalignments.

Accumulated asphalt on rollers can cause conveyor belt misalignment. Cleaning the rollers prevents this issue and premature belt damage. 

Image courtesy of Rubble Master

Using An Asphalt Remover Solves Build-Up Problems

PavePro’s asphalt remover is unlike any other solvent on the market. You see, unlike our competitors, PavePro prides itself on being the only targeted formula made specifically for cleaning and preventing asphalt build-up on paving equipment. We aren’t some citrus or soy byproduct, our products were made in a lab and tested in the field to outperform the market. 

We designed PavePro to have a high KB value and flash point. That means two things:

1) A high KB value means that PavePro can penetrate deep into the pores of hardened asphalt, allowing the build-up to release from within, rather than cleaning the surface, having to respray and clean again. 

2) A high flash point means that PavePro doesn’t evaporate away when you’re spraying it on hot asphalt and equipment. 

PavePro Is The Most Effective Asphalt Remover

PavePro has been tested and proven to be the most effective and valuable asphalt solvent on the market. Here are a few ways that PavePro can provide value to your crushing and asphalt equipment:

  • Reduced downtime: PavePro minimizes the amount of time required for cleaning, allowing for more productive operations, as well as preventing wear and tear from causing breakages that bring your jobs to a halt.
  • Cost-effectiveness: PavePro offers a highly cost-effective solution compared to traditional cleaning methods like dry ice blasting or citrus cleaners, which can cost nearly 2-4x that of a typical cleaning with our asphalt remover.
  • Environmental friendliness: PavePro is 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe, making clean-up easy and application worry-free.
  • Water-deactivated: PavePro’s solvency is 100% deactivated by water, ensuring that your equipment’s metal, paint, decals, and rubber are safe. 

Applying PavePro To Crushers Is Easy

PavePro can be sprayed onto your crusher’s radiator and roller, and on the inside of the machine, with a pump-up sprayer. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes, or even overnight, and pressure wash it off. Because it doesn’t evaporate, the longer you let it sit, the better it works. 

    Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

    Using Asphalt Release Agents To Prevent Build-Up

    It is recommended that you apply an asphalt release agent to your crusher or asphalt equipment before work to prevent asphalt from adhering in the first place. 

    Because of its 400°F, which is the highest on the market, PavePro doesn’t evaporate away while you work and can prevent build-up for 3-4x longer than diesel fuel. Citrus release agents are even worse than diesel fuel, with a flash point of 115°F. By incorporating PavePro into your operations, you’ll have to apply less often and use less product.

    PavePro Was Formulated For The Asphalt Industry

    PavePro has various uses, but it was designed and formulated for use on paving equipment like asphalt pavers, shuttle buggies, asphalt rollers, tack trucks, asphalt plants, truck beds, and hand tools. 

    We have three different variations that all have specific purposes:

    • PavePro Green is the ideal diesel fuel replacement. It’s the longest-lasting asphalt release agent on the market with a stronger, targeted solvency, unlike any cleaner you’ve used before. 
    • PavePro Gold is a heavy-duty asphalt and tack remover strong enough to melt the toughest of build-ups. It is our strongest asphalt solvent and the most powerful on the market. That’s why it’s called Gold. 
    • PavePro Blue is a water-diluted asphalt release agent designed for companies on DOT jobs that need an approved QPL product. 

    Using PavePro’s formulations ensures that your crushers and asphalt equipment are clean, resulting in better performance, less wear and tear, and more profit in your pocket. 


    If you are interested in learning more about PavePro and our solutions to your asphalt build-up problems, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call (888-389-3189). We’d be more than happy to answer your questions and see how our solutions fit into your operations. 

    Featured image and photos in this blog courtesy of Rubble Master.


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