The ORIGINAL “Better Than Diesel” Asphalt Release Agent

For more than 25 years, PavePro has been at the forefront of innovation in asphalt release agents and asphalt removers. Our commitment to quality and performance has made us the go-to solution for paving professionals and municipalities who seek an effective and safe alternative to diesel fuel that works better. Known industry-wide as the “Better Than Diesel” release agent, PavePro has consistently delivered superior results, setting the standard for excellence in cleaning and maintaining asphalt equipment.

There’s a reason PavePro was ranked the #1 asphalt solvent by the Indiana Department of Transportation and Purdue University; it simply is the best. It’s a petroleum-free and biodegradable asphalt remover and asphalt release agent that is powerful, long-lasting, and truly innovative. Let’s look at the highlights:

1) Long-Lasting Power: PavePro stays effective longer than other products on the market, meaning you get more out of every application. This longevity translates to fewer applications, better build-up prevention, and decreased wear and tear.

    • The Highest Flash Point On The Market: I could go on and on about diesel fuel’s flash point of 130°F or citrus’s flash point of 115°F, but that would be pointless. It’s this simple: there isn’t an asphalt release agent on the market with a flash point higher than PavePro’s at 400°F+. It literally breaks the scale.
    • One Application Can Last All Day: PavePro saves on material and it saves on time; one application of PavePro in your paving hopper can last an entire shift, effectively eliminating asphalt build-up without the need for constant reapplication.
    • One Application Can Last 3-4x More Truck Loads Than Diesel: Spend less time spraying and chipping away at stuck mix. With PavePro Green, just spray a light mist in the trouble spots in your truck bed and eliminate asphalt build-up for multiple loads.

2) Strong Cleaning Power: Our formula is designed to tackle the toughest asphalt build-up by penetrating deep into the pores of the mix releasing it from your equipment, ensuring it remains clean and functional. PavePro cuts through hardened asphalt and tar with ease, making it an indispensable tool for any paving operation.

    • High KB Value Cleans Better: The KB value of a solvent determines how effective it is at penetrating into a solute, in this case, PavePro penetrating the bitumen/asphaltic cement of the blacktop. Because PavePro has an incredibly high KB value, it is the best asphalt remover and solvent on the market.
    • The Longer It Sits, The Better It Works: PavePro doesn’t evaporate away or dry up like most other products. Instead, it stays wet and continues to penetrate far longer than other asphalt solvents can. You can let this stuff sit for multiple days at a time and penetrate through INCHES of build-up with a single application. Just spray it on and let it work its magic.

3) Superior Lubrication: PavePro not only prevents asphalt build-up but it also lubricates your equipment’s fragile moving components while it does so, reducing wear and tear. This dual-action innovation helps extend the life of your tools and machinery, saving you money on maintenance and replacements.

    • Asphalt Paving Equipment: Diesel fuel makes for a great lubricant for your asphalt pavers, patch trucks, and shuttle buggies, but the problem is that it only lasts for a few minutes. As we mentioned earlier, diesel fuel has a flash point of only 130°F, so as soon as your hot mix hits the metal of your equipment, it immediately begins to evaporate. You need a lubricant like PavePro that has a flash point well above the temperature of your HMA to prevent wear and tear and decrease breakdowns.
    • Asphalt Plants: One of the most critical elements of an asphalt plant is the drag slat. If it goes down, so does your whole operation. And without proper cleaning and lubrication, that’s exactly what will happen. Asphalt build occurs quickly in a hot drag conveyor, causing immense amounts of stress and microfractures throughout the chain and pulley system. Using PavePro to properly clean and lubricate helps to decrease the downtime on your drag caused by wear and tear.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

Environmental and Safety Benefits

In addition to performance, PavePro is committed to safety and environmental sustainability. I mean, we didn’t put a leaf in our logo for nothing:

  • Eco-Friendly: PavePro is 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. After all, it has to be nowadays. It is also 100% free from petroleum and EPA-approved.

  • User Safety: It’s well known that a safer alternative to diesel fuel is needed to protect workers from toxins and cancer. Unlike PavePro, most diesel-fuel alternatives still contain truthfully horrible chemicals that, despite being marketed as “safe” paving options, are in fact not safe. Here’s an interesting list of chemicals found in some other products:
    • Benzenesulfonic Acid
    • 2-Propanamine
    • 2-butoxyethanol
    • Aminopropyl diethanolamine
    • Tert-butyl-4-methoxyphenol

Beware of Imitations

Recently, folks have pointed out competitors attempting to mimic our success by rebranding their products with phrases and concepts we’ve pioneered. While imitation is often seen as flattery, in this case, it’s a disservice to the industry. These copycats not only fail to meet the high standards PavePro has set, but they also come with significant drawbacks.

Without naming names, it’s important to highlight that these alternatives can be more than twice the cost of PavePro and often contain toxic chemicals that pose risks to both users and the environment, as well as performing inferiorly to PavePro.

Stick with the Original Better Than Diesel Solution

PavePro has earned its reputation through years of dedicated research, development, and real-world application. When you choose PavePro, you’re not just getting an asphalt release agent; you’re investing in a product backed by a legacy of excellence and a commitment to safety and performance.

Don’t be swayed by inferior imitations that cost more and deliver less. Trust the original “Better Than Diesel” asphalt release agent—trust PavePro.

We don’t cut corners. We don’t try to be someone we’re not. PavePro is tried and true and we’re here to stay.


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The ORIGINAL "Better Than Diesel" Asphalt Release Agent

Don’t be fooled by copycats and knock-offs, PavePro is the ORIGINAL “better than diesel” asphalt release agent and remover that does just that–work better.