Diesel fuel doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s as simple as that.

You can’t get by without a release agent in the asphalt industry. It’s a must-have. But the problem is that most people think they HAVE to use diesel fuel because “nothing else works.”

We’ve got an asphalt release agent solution that is taking over the asphalt industry by storm. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, and it works better than diesel fuel.

You already know this, but diesel fuel is illegal to be used as an asphalt release agent ANYWHERE in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you’re working a state DOT job or paving a driveway–you aren’t supposed to use diesel. DOTs have banned the use of diesel fuel on highway jobs and asphalt plants won’t let you spray down your truck beds with diesel either.

There’s a common misconception that this is because of the environment. But surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with diesel fuel’s effect on the asphalt you are laying. When you use diesel fuel, it strips that asphalt and weakens your final product. DOTs don’t want their roads falling apart and plants don’t want their asphalt getting ruined by the release agent you use.

Diesel fuel is also incredibly unsafe. While it’s not very flammable, diesel fuel has a flash point of 130°F which means it has the tendency to vaporize under the high heat of asphalt. This vapor is not only filled with dangerous volatile organic compounds that are unsafe to inhale or be around, but the vapor is also extremely combustible and has been linked to multiple recent asphalt plant explosions.

But if you don’t care about legality or safety, I’m sure you do care about how well your asphalt release agent works. You live and die by this stuff, right?

Diesel fuel’s flash point means that it doesn’t work a lick as a release agent. Does it prevent asphalt build-up? Yes, of course it does. The problem is that you have to spray diesel fuel constantly for it to prevent build-up from occurring. If not, it evaporates away as soon as the hot mix hits it.

That’s why you find yourself applying diesel to your truck bed every single load and spraying your paver’s hopper down all the time. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if there is something better out there?

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

The BEST Way To Prevent Asphalt Build Up

That’s why I am sure you’ve tried some other products to see what works. Whether it be citrus or soy or the crap they give you at the plant; none of it performs like diesel, right?

Asphalt release agents are notably bad. They all have low flash points and don’t really work like you’d want them to. After all, they are typically designed to be used when you can’t use diesel fuel.

But PavePro is different. We didn’t spend years in the lab and thousands of hours testing with paving crews and cities to create a product to be used when you can’t use diesel. We spent all that time creating the world’s first and only patented REPLACEMENT for diesel fuel–something that works better, is legal, and safer than the “old reliable.”

Why PavePro Works Better

I could go on and on about how great PavePro is and what makes it an amazing asphalt release agent, but rather than doing that, how about I tell you the 5 main things that PavePro DOES BETTER than diesel fuel, citrus, soy or any other asphalt release agent you’ve ever tried. 

Here’s what sets PavePro apart from the rest:

  • PavePro’s flash point is over 400°F so it lasts up to 3x longer than diesel fuel as a release agent in a truck bed and more than 50 shovel loads.
  • PavePro increases lubricity in your paving equipment to reduce wear and tear on the moving components of your pavers, shuttle buggies, and patch trucks.
  • PavePro decreases downtime on your paving equipment by reducing wear and tear so you can keep your equipment making you money and out of the shop. 
  • PavePro increases your crew’s performance by allowing them to spend more time working and less time stopping to clean asphalt from their equipment. 
  • PavePro is incredibly versatile and can outperform any other release agent or solvent on the market from asphalt plants to the laydown site and everywhere in between


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