Discover the peak of asphalt equipment maintenance and cleaning with PavePro, the unparalleled asphalt remover and release agent engineered and formulated explicitly to outperform diesel fuel. Coined by our loyal customers as the “legal diesel,” PavePro stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation, providing superior cleaning capabilities, extended durability under high temperatures, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

It’s time to say goodbye to the “good ‘ol #2 release agent.” We’re redefining the game with PavePro’s exceptional performance. You can clean with confidence, knowing that PavePro not only matches the effectiveness of diesel fuel but surpasses it, leaving your equipment looking immaculate. Let’s take a look at why PavePro’s power is so unique.

This ain’t some random oil or fruit by-product that just-so-happens to break down bitumen. We have a team of chemists and researchers who have spent years putting their efforts behind PavePro to create the most effective product on the market.

We don’t just slap a label on a bottle of citrus by-products and call it a day. Every single shipment that leaves our facility is blended and rigorously quality assured before it gets put onto a truck.

And every single ingredient we put into PavePro is there for a reason. There’s no water. There’s no fluff. Every single ingredient is an active ingredient and has a purpose. That’s why makes PavePro unique.

It Melts The Oldest And Toughest Of Asphalt Build Up

We have two different products that are made for cleaning asphalt: PavePro Green and PavePro Gold. Let’s talk about the latter.

PavePro Gold is our heavy-duty asphalt and tack cleaner. If you’ve ever seen one of our videos on social media, that’s PavePro Green. PavePro Gold cleans even better than the Green does.

There’s no asphalt-based product that Gold can’t eat right through: dried tack, crystallized prime, and the oldest and hardest asphalt build-up that you can find.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt solvent or release agent and ready to make a switch?

It Penetrates Deeper Than Any Other Solution

PavePro has a KB value much higher than diesel fuel. That means that it is a better solvent. It’s faster at, essentially, “liquidizing” the bitumen within the asphalt so that it separates from the aggregate.

Because it has a higher KB value, it is also able to penetrate deeper. Rather than having to clean the surface of the asphalt, having to respray, chip away and respray again, you can let PavePro sit and just keep on eating through and penetrating deeply into the asphalt. The longer you let it sit, the better it works!

PavePro doesn’t dry up either. It’s the perfect solution to spray down your paver and equipment and go home for the night. When you come back in the morning or get back from lunch, you can run asphalt right through the paver or hit it with a pressure washer and watch the asphalt fall right off.

It Doubles As A Release Agent

Earlier we mentioned PavePro Green, which is what you typically see in our social media videos. PavePro Green is our flagship product: it’s an asphalt remover and asphalt release agent in one.

With a flash point above 400°F (well above any other solution on the market), Green doesn’t evaporate away under the high heat of the asphalt like diesel fuel does. You ever see the diesel fuel steam up when you’re spraying it on equipment with hot mix? That’s diesel fuel doing everything but its job–evaporating instantly and, thus, not working as a release agent.

And the best part about PavePro is that, just like diesel fuel, you can clean with it and use it as a release agent right afterward. PavePro leaves behind a slick oily film after you’re done cleaning to prevent any future build-up.

Unleash the power of PavePro and experience the ultimate asphalt cleaning solution. With superior cleaning power, enhanced endurance in high-heat conditions, and a steadfast dedication to safety, PavePro secures its #1 spot as the go-to choice for all your asphalt removal and release needs.


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