If you missed Part 1, “Unrivaled Cleaning Power,” read it here.

Discover the peak of asphalt equipment maintenance and cleaning with PavePro, the unparalleled asphalt remover and release agent engineered and formulated explicitly to outperform diesel fuel. Coined by our loyal customers as the “legal diesel,” PavePro stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation, providing superior cleaning capabilities, extended durability under high temperatures, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

It’s time to say goodbye to the “good ‘ol #2 release agent.” We’re redefining the game with PavePro’s exceptional performance. Using PavePro as an asphalt release agent is a total game-changer. You’ll spend less time spraying, and more time working, significantly cutting down on worker fatigue and increasing your overall efficiency. Let’s take a look at why PavePro’s long-lasting formula is so helpful for paving crews.

It’s kind of insane how powerful PavePro is as a release agent, and it’s pretty simple how it works: it doesn’t evaporate away like diesel fuel and citrus do under high heat. We’ll get into the science here in a minute, but let’s first look at why that’s important.

Every time you spray diesel fuel onto hot equipment or HMA, you see that steam, right? That’s the diesel fuel literally evaporating away. Once it has evaporated, it’s no longer working as a release agent. This means you have to keep spraying, all day long, to keep the asphalt from sticking, wasting time that could be much better used working.

Using PavePro instead of diesel fuel means you spend less time spraying your release agent and more time working. The PavePro will prevent asphalt from sticking to crews’ equipment and tools, which will not only keep them from having to spray all the time but will keep their tools light and clean, reducing worker fatigue and increasing the crew’s overall efficiency.

Its Flash Point is OVER 400°F

Let’s look at the science behind PavePro’s long-lasting power: it’s all about flash point.

Flash point is just a fancy chemistry word for the temperature at which a liquid evaporates. At around 130°F, diesel fuel begins to evaporate and at the temperature of hot mix, it almost instantly flashes out.

This is important because when the hot mix hits a shovel or a truck bed, the diesel fuel won’t work as a release agent after a few minutes. The good ‘ol number 2 isn’t going to work for crap when it starts flashing out.

PavePro, on the other hand, has flash point above 400°F, so no hot mix will ever be hotter than it. This means that it stays on for longer and continues to prevent asphalt from sticking.

It’s More Cost Effective Than Diesel

Because of its high flash point, you can use significantly less PavePro compared to diesel fuel for even better results. I mean, seriously; you can only hit the trouble spots with PavePro and prevent build-up for up to 3 or 4 loads in a truck bed. That’s pretty impressive. And on hand tools like a shovel, you can see more than 50 shovel loads before you have to re-apply.

This means that, despite PavePro costing more than diesel fuel per gallon, PavePro is more cost-effective as a release agent.

It Decreases Wear and Tear

PavePro has a unique feature that many people aren’t aware of. When you’re using it as a release agent, it lubricates delicate and moving parts to decrease the wear and tear on these components.

This is especially helpful in drag slats and paver conveyors.

Drag slat chains are prone to failing due to poor maintenance and cleaning, leading to tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day at some plants. PavePro helps to lube moving parts in the drag chain and drive sprockets to decrease wear and tear and avoid repeated breakdowns.

Paver conveyors are the exact same. If either of these important parts of the paving process go down, no asphalt is getting laid and the company is losing money. It’s important to use PavePro as a preventative tool to not only inhibit asphalt from building up but to also lubricate moving parts throughout the paving process to ensure they stay up.

Introducing PavePro Blue (With Clinging Technology)

PavePro Blue is an all-star asphalt release agent designed to prevent carryback in truck beds and pickup on asphalt rollers. Our special high-performance asphalt release agent is 100% biodegradable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. PavePro Blue was specially formulated to bond to metal and rubber and prevent the asphalt from sticking. That means PavePro Blue can be applied directly to a truck bed or into a track or roller spray-down system. PavePro Blue’s 100% active and biodegradable formula makes it easy and safe to use without compromising long-lasting power. The best part about PavePro Blue is that it’s DOT approved (as 357 or BA-30). Our advanced ARA formula creates a non-stick coating on rubber tire rollers, tires and tracks on paving equipment, and dump truck beds.

Unleash the power of PavePro and experience the ultimate asphalt release agent. With superior cleaning power, enhanced endurance in high-heat conditions, and a steadfast dedication to safety, PavePro secures its #1 spot as the go-to choice for all your asphalt removal and release needs.

Our third and final part is coming on August 4th.