If you work at or operate an asphalt plant, you know how important a clean and efficient drag slat is to the overall productivity of your plant. And you also know how often these drag slats fail, costing your plant hundreds of thousands of dollars due to downtime and a multitude of headaches.

Preventing drag slat failure and ensuring your asphalt plants’ uptime with a drag slat cleaner like PavePro DSX is incredibly easy. PavePro DSX is so powerful, it won’t only just keep your drag slat clean, but it’ll decrease wear and tear, prevent build-up, and reduce your amp usage.

Poorly maintained and cleaned drag slat chains fail far too often. And when the drag slat goes down, so does the entire plant, leading to tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day. Let’s look at some of the reasons they are so prone to failure.

Tensile Failure

When asphalt begins to build up and stick the drag, the chain gets stretched out and weakened. The conveyor system is pulling extra weight and, over time, pulls apart the chains.

Wear Failure

Cold chunks of asphalt break off from the build-up stuck to the drag and move through the conveyor system when you fire it up after letting it cool. These chunks cause an incredible amount of wear and tear on the components in the drag chain and sprockets.

Fatigue Failure

As asphalt sticks and cools to the drag chain and slat, the weight of the system increases. Every load the drag slat moves through the system increases in weight. Eventually, long-term heavy loads will begin to cause micro-fractures in the chain, causing it to break.

PavePro DSX: The Best Tool For Asphalt Plants

PavePro Drag Slat Xtender effectively removes 100% of all asphalt, tar, oil, and grease buildup from drag slat conveyors and lubricates chains and sprockets, extending its life as it cleans. It’s designed to remove asphalt from the drag slat to reduce the life-cycle costs and maintenance resulting from build-up in the conveyor system.

Cleans Asphalt Build Up

PavePro DSX effectively removes 100% of asphalt and tar build-up throughout the drag slat, reducing labor costs and drag slat stress.

Lubricates Moving Parts

It also helps to lubricate moving parts in the drag chain and drive sprockets to decrease wear and tear and avoid repeated breakdowns and costly repairs.

Prevents Future Build Up

PavePro DSX provides a non-stick barrier that lasts longer than diesel after cleaning the drag slat to help prevent future asphalt from building back up and causing future failure.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

PavePro Is An Asphalt Plant Game-Changer

PavePro DSX is the best way to ensure your conveyor and drag slat system is running at its best. We engineered it with biodegradable ingredients to comply with industry standards, without compromising the powerful results our asphalt release agents and asphalt solvents are known for.

Unparalleled Power

PavePro is a uniquely formulated solution that provides exceptional cleaning results. Extensively researched and engineered, this product is specifically designed to effectively dissolve and eliminate tough asphalt buildup from your drag slat conveyor. Switching to PavePro not only ensures better safety but also helps save on costs, labor, and time.

Enhanced Efficiency

PavePro is a tool that helps improve the performance of your drag slat conveyor. It does this by removing any asphalt buildup and lubricating the moving parts. As a result, you’ll experience smoother material flow, fewer clogs, reduced conveyor jerking or stress, decreased amp usage (up to 20%), and improved conveying efficiency. By using PavePro, you can minimize maintenance-related disruptions and downtime, which can help maximize your productivity and revenue.

Protect Your Investment

As an asphalt plant operator, you understand the importance of safeguarding your drag slat conveyor, which is a critical component to the success of the plant. This is where PavePro comes into play. By using PavePro regularly, you can prevent damage caused by accumulated asphalt, significantly extending the lifespan of your conveyor system. This not only reduces the stress on the gearbox and motor but also saves you a considerable amount of money on costly repairs and replacements. With PavePro, you can confidently ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


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