Working in the asphalt industry is a tough job, but with the right tools and tricks, we can make the job a little bit easier. Whether you’re hauling asphalt, laying driveways, or paving highways, let’s take a look at some must-have tools and a secret weapon to change the way you do your job.

Keeping your tools and equipment clean and free of asphalt buildup is one of the best ways to reduce headaches on the job. A scraper is the best way to get hot mix off of a truck tailgate or shovel when things start to build up.

A sticky shovel with asphalt buildup can get heavy fast, and lugging it around isn’t going to do a thing but start to piss you off and exhaust you. A small scraper is the perfect tool to get the bits of asphalt off and keep your shovel light throughout the day, with the help of asphalt remover, of course.

You also want to keep your paving machine and dump truck clean at the end of the shift to prevent the asphalt from hardening up overnight. The last thing you need is a cold chunk getting into your hot mix and messing up your mat or machine.

Did You Know: Cold chunks can ruin the integrity of your mix because, if they do not reintegrate into the mix, they will not compact and can dislodge from the mat prematurely. The chunks can also break moving parts and other sensitive components in a paving machine, increasing wear and tear.

If you’re leaving your equipment at the job and not heading back to the shop, the chances of having a pressure washer are slim. Spraying your equipment down with an asphalt remover and then scraping it off will help keep things clean, working efficiently, and looking good.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

A Heavy-Duty Pump-Up Sprayer

Everyone knows you need a pump-up garden sprayer to spray your release agent onto your equipment, and no we aren’t talking about diesel fuel. But did you know the type of pump-up sprayer can make or break your day?

Everyone is so used to cheap sprayers breaking, hoses deteriorating, and valves leaking, but it doesn’t have to be like that. There are two sprayers that we recommend for applying release agents.​

Metal Sprayers

Metal sprayers are expensive, but they are high quality and durable. They typically come in steel or aluminum and are made to take a beating. Unfortunately, many still have rubber hoses and seals, which means they will eventually break down. While they do last longer than the cheaper sprayers you can pick up at the hardware store, we recommend you use a specially-made sprayer for use with asphalt removers and asphalt release agents.

Specially-Made Sprayers

Yes, most are still plastic, but a specially-made sprayer with Viton seals and hoses will last you a LONG time. These sprayers aren’t made with cheap plastic, and the part that causes you all of the problems, the rubber, won’t deteriorate under a solvent or diesel fuel. Viton, specifically, is made to withstand a strong asphalt remover like PavePro. We stock a heavy-duty 2-gallon sprayer with Viton seals and hoses that is made to use with PavePro.

A Long-Lasting Asphalt Release Agent

There is no better tool in the asphalt industry than your asphalt release agent. Your operations are greatly dependent on the effectiveness of your release agent. If it doesn’t work well, asphalt starts to stick, and you see an increase in carryback in your trucks, increased downtime in your equipment, and even a decrease in the quality of your mat.

PavePro Green is a unique asphalt release agent that works better than diesel. Don’t laugh just yet, hear me out:

  • PavePro lasts 3-4x longer than diesel fuel as a release agent; it’s got an unmatched flash point of over 400°F+
  • PavePro increases lubricity in moving parts and decreases downtime for your operations; in a recent multi-year study with a customer in Georgia, PavePro was found to reduce quarterly equipment maintenance from normal wear and tear by 60% on shuttle buggy chains and paver conveyors when treated with PavePro
  • PavePro optimizes the performance of drag slat conveyors at asphalt plants too, saving money, reducing downtime, and many other benefits
  • PavePro is non-petroleum-based (so it’s legal in every US state as a release agent) and DOT-approved in states that require a qualified product
  • As a release agent, PavePro is an extremely cost-effective method of prohibiting asphalt buildup
  •  PavePro is 100% biodegradable if that’s something you need to incorporate into your operations

Convinced yet? I can’t think of a way that diesel is better than PavePro; not a single one. 

Tips and Tricks From @Mr.Haul

This blog post was inspired by a guy on Instagram who posted a video about some tips and tricks for hauling asphalt. Here are some additional tips that he highlighted in his post that pair well with the tools for success. 

Toolbox Essentials: A well-stocked toolbox is your best friend! From wrenches to screwdrivers, make sure you have all the necessary tools for quick fixes and maintenance on the go. After all, it wouldn’t be a day in the asphalt industry if something didn’t go haywire.

Safety First: Prioritize your well-being by investing in high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE). Hard hats, gloves, high-visibility vests, and steel-toed boots will keep you safe and sound on the job site. A safe asphalt release agent like PavePro is a great choice too! It’s non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic, and safe on your skin.

Know Your Materials: Different loads require different handling techniques. Educate yourself on handling rubber asphalt, asphalt, and wet batch materials to ensure a smooth and efficient dumping process. Knowledge is power!

No matter how you choose to optimize your asphalt paving operation’s efficiency, PavePro is here to help in any way that we can. 


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