Using PavePro as a Municipality

PavePro offers a range of solutions to enhance your Public Works Department’s efficiency, from cleaning your equipment with the industry’s top-notch asphalt removers to our long-lasting asphalt release agents.

Asphalt Pavers

PavePro is the first and only patented asphalt remover and asphalt release agent formulated specifically as a direct replacement for diesel fuel loved by Public Works Departments across the country. 

All-Purpose Cleaning & Release

PavePro is the perfect asphalt remover and asphalt release agent to be used throughout the day on your hopper, augers and screed.  

End-Of-Day Clean Up

PavePro Gold is the ultimate way to clean up the thickest of asphalt build up at the end of the shift or before you take the paver into the shop.  

Truck Beds

Prevent asphalt build-up and truck carry-back with PavePro’s high-performance asphalt release agents.

PavePro Green

Because of it’s 400°F+ flash point, Green prevents asphalt build-up in a truck bed for up to 5 loads with one application. 

PavePro Blue (DOT-Approved Release Agent)

Through extensive NTPEP testing, PavePro Blue has proven itself as the strongest water-dilutable and non-stripping asphalt release agent. 

Hand Tools

The only thing more demanding than working with hand tools is working with hand tools that are weighed down by caked on asphalt. It makes the job unnecesarily difficult. Luckily, with PavePro, it’s easy to prevent. 

Impressive Cleaning

Clean through the tough build up on your hand tools with ease. PavePro will eat through the toughest of build ups.

Extended Release

With a quick dump of a shovel or spray of a lute, you can prevent build up for much longer than diesel fuel (more than 50 shovel loads per spray) saving you on time and labor.  

Distributor Trucks

PavePro Gold’s versatile and effective formula makes cleaning your distributor truck and ensuring proper function easier than ever before.

Interior Flushing

Pair PavePro with your self-clean flushing system to clear out lines and nozzles.

Exterior Cleaning

Softens and melts crystallized prime and overspray tack for easy removal.

Asphalt Rollers

PavePro Blue is the best asphalt roller release agent to prevent asphalt pick up. Add it directly into your roller’s water tank for long-term release on all types of rollers.

Long-Lasting Formula

Blue eliminates pick up with its 100% active, high-performance asphalt release agent formula.

Innovative Clinging Technology

Blue forces water to bond to metal and rubber exhibiting major anti-wear and anti-adhesion properties.

Patch Trucks

Just like a paving machine, PavePro can be used throughout a patch truck as an asphalt remover and asphalt release agent on chutes, hopper doors, augers, tack wands, and more.

The Best Asphalt Solutions For Your Public Works Department.