Using PavePro at Asphalt Plants

PavePro offers a range of solutions to enhance your plant’s efficiency, from cleaning your drag slats to providing top-notch asphalt release agents for your truck bed spray systems. Rest assured, PavePro has got you covered.

Truck Beds

Prevent asphalt build-up and truck carry-back with PavePro’s high-performance asphalt release agents.

PavePro Green

Because of it’s 400°F+ flash point, Green prevents asphalt build-up in a truck bed for up to 5 loads with one application. 

PavePro Blue (DOT-Approved Release Agent)

Through extensive NTPEP testing, PavePro Blue has proven itself as the strongest water-dilutable and non-stripping asphalt release agent. 

Drag Slats

PavePro Drag Slat Xtender (DSX) is the best way to clean and protect your plant’s drag slat.

Cleans and Protects

Not only does DSX remove hardened asphalt from the conveyor system, but it also lubricates the moving parts throughout the drag slat. 

Incredible Money Saver

DSX encourages smoother material flow with reduced conveyor jerking or stress, reduced clogs, decreased amp usage (up to 20%) and improved conveying efficiency to reduce downtime.     

Spray Systems

We offer a wide variety of badass bed spray applicator systems for our high-performance asphalt release agents. 

Our systems are designed and engineered to properly apply our asphalt release agents to prevent and release all asphalt in the truck bed without constant breaking and repair.

The Best Asphalt Solutions For Your Asphalt Plants