PavePro is the ultimate asphalt remover–not only is it highly effective at removing asphalt, but it boasts unmatched release agent qualities. For this reason, it can be used on a wide variety of paving equipment and machinery, achieving two goals at once. Here a few of the uses of PavePro’s biodegradable asphalt solvent.  

  • Truck beds are the most common place release agents are applied. Before a load of asphalt is picked up, the truck bed is sprayed with a release agent to stop asphalt from sticking to the surface. Using a release agent makes the moving process quicker, easier, and more efficient overall. PavePro is also used after the truck bed has been cleared to remove any excess asphalt left behind in the bed.  
  • Shovels, wrenches, and other maintenance tools are constantly dipped in release agents to stop excess asphalt from sticking and weighing them down. Cleaners are also used on shovels and tools, as hardened asphalt degrades their integrity, causing them to slow workers down and eventually break. PavePro makes the job easier for your workers by preventing asphalt buildup, keeping their tools lighter and easier to use.  
  • Asphalt Plants are where the components are mixed and the asphalt is actually created. Integrating PavePro into operations will improve efficiency and keep the equipment, such as drag slats and liquid asphalt lines, running smoothly. 
  • Hoppers temporarily store hot mix asphalt in transport vehicles (pavers and MTVs), so it is very important that a solution is sprayed on the walls and bed to prevent buildup, keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently.  
  • Augers receive hot mix asphalt from the conveyor belt and spread it out over the area being paved. In order for the asphalt to continue being spread consistently and evenly, a release agent must be sprayed to prevent buildup.  
  • Screeds are undoubtedly the most important part of the paver. The screed flattens the asphalt being laid, delivering the correct thickness and initial compaction. Keep the screed clean and functioning at the highest efficiency with PavePro. 
  • Distributor trucks need their exterior tanker, spray bars, and nozzles cleaned daily. Over spray can buildup on the bar and valves, causing the integrity of the equipment to be compromised. Cleaning throughout the day, as well as conducting a deeper clean at the end of day, is much easier with PavePro. 
  • Road Wideners pave asphalt on either side of the road, helping to add and widen lanes. Keep the skid-steer clean and durable with an asphalt remover like PavePro. 
  • Conveyor belts are found in multiple aspects of paving equipment and machinery, including pavers, MTVs, and asphalt plants (drag slats). Conveyor belts carry asphalt, dropping it once it reaches its destination. Ensure a clean drop and smooth function with PavePro.  
  • Rollers ride over freshly laid asphalt, making sure it is compacted and smooth. A release agent must be applied to ensure this process does not ruin the paving job and the roller stays clean and free to sticky asphalt.  
  • Chutes carry asphalt around asphalt plants to various machines and are essential to the asphalt production process. These chutes can clog up with asphalt residue and leftover materials, lowering the efficiency of production. Using PavePro ensures that excess asphalt doesn’t stick to chutes in your asphalt plant.  
  • Grader Blades spreads asphalt out and ensures a consistently flat and smooth surface during paving operations. With the release properties of PavePro, grader blades render much more efficient while paving. 
  • Patch Trucks are used to heat and reclaim both hot mix and cold mix materials and apply them to roads to repair potholes and utility cuts. Just like truck beds, distributor trucks, screeds, and many other paving machines need PavePro to keep clean and efficient.  
  • Hot Boxes keep asphalt hot during paving operations. Preventing asphalt build up and cleaning hot boxes at the end of the work day with PavePro is essential to the paving operation to ensure that heat energy circulation and transfer can still occur properly. 
  • Tires are a common place for asphalt build up. Asphalt stuck on tires breaks down their integrity, adds time to the paving job, and ultimately costs your company unnecessary money. Avoid asphalt build up on tires with PavePro.  
  • Crack Seal equipment and sealcoat equipment also require frequent cleaning and maintenance with PavePro to ensure that they function properly.  

PavePro can help optimize your paving operations and reduce material costs in a multitude of ways. No other product on the market matches PavePro in cleaning power AND release quality.  

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