PavePro’s Asphalt Release Agent is a game-changer for municipalities and public works departments. Delivering unmatched efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance, PavePro outshines traditional release agent methods like diesel fuel and citrus. It minimizes asphalt build-up, slashes costs, prioritizes safety, and is eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at why municipalities love PavePro so much and how it helps their road crews boost their productivity.

PavePro stands out by delivering exceptional long-lasting release power, saving crucial time, labor, and resources by requiring less re-application for better results. Unlike diesel fuel, PavePro’s high flash point effectively eliminates asphalt build-up for 3-4x longer than diesel fuel, ensuring smoother operations with fewer disruptions. For crews, this translates to increased project completion within the same timeframe, significantly boosting overall productivity.

It Won’t Break The Bank

When you’re working within the constraints of a budget, it’s important to understand how PavePro can help cut asphalt release agent costs. PavePro’s prolonged efficacy diminishes the necessity for frequent reapplication, resulting in substantial savings on the product and labor.

PavePro also helps to lubricate the moving components within your equipment, curbing downtime and minimizing maintenance linked to asphalt accumulation and wear and tear and ultimately protecting your investment in your equipment.

Stay Compliant With A DOT-Approved Product

One of the key factors that makes PavePro stand out is its compliance with federal regulations and DOT approval in states that have a qualified products list. Unlike diesel fuel, which is prohibited from being used as an asphalt release agent across the entire US, PavePro offers a legally approved alternative that performs better than diesel. By utilizing PavePro, public works departments can ensure compliance with regulations while avoiding potential fines or suspensions.

Increased Safety and Ensured Biodegradability

Ensuring the safety of workers takes top priority at many public works departments across the nation. Unlike diesel fuel and citrus alternatives, PavePro is a 100% non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-flammable solution, easily deactivated with a water rinse. It also ensures safety for rubber, paint, aluminum, chrome, and vinyl decals.

In an ever-changing landscape where sustainability is gaining prominence and pressure from local governments increases, public works departments are actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives. PavePro responds to this demand by providing an environmentally conscious asphalt release agent. Its biodegradable nature guarantees minimal environmental impact while delivering optimal protection and cleaning for equipment and tools. PavePro adheres to environmental regulations and pressures without compromising power and effectiveness.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

Where PavePro Shines For Municipalities

PavePro is incredibly versatile and can be used throughout the paving and patching process. Let’s take a look at the common locations that public works departments love to use PavePro:

Asphalt Pavers

PavePro Green is the perfect all-purpose cleaner and release agent solution for your asphalt paver. You can use it just like you would diesel fuel to prevent build-up and clean it up afterward. PavePro is highly effective on the paver’s hopper, augers, and screed.

PavePro Gold is a great way to clean up the thickest asphalt build-up at the end of the day or before you take it into the shop.

Patch Trucks

Patch trucks can benefit greatly from PavePro Green as a release agent throughout the truck–whether that be on chutes, hopper doors, augers, tack wands, and more. 

Not only will the PavePro help clean and prevent build-up, but our studies with public works departments have shown a 60% reduction in wear and tear on moving components inside the patch truck, decreasing downtime.

Hot Boxes

The problem with asphalt release agents is their low flash point. When you have a product like diesel fuel or citrus which have flash points below 130°F, the heat from the asphalt and box causes your release agent to immediately begin to evaporate out and stop working.

Using an asphalt release agent like PavePro, with its high flash point, ensures that it doesn’t evaporate away the same way diesel fuel does and prevents build-up for an extended period.

Hand Tools

The only thing more physically demanding than working with hand tools is working with hand tools that are caked up with asphalt, making them heavy and frustrating to lug around and use.

With a quick dump of a shovel or spray of a lute, you can prevent build-up for much longer than diesel fuel (more than 50 shovel loads per spray), saving your crew time and reducing the physical strain of using hand tools.

Truck Beds

The best way to help your drivers and increase your crew’s efficiency simultaneously is to prevent asphalt carryback in the beds of your trucks.

Asphalt carryback has two major consequences. Firstly, it directly reduces the efficiency of operations by decreasing the payload capacity of each haul. This leads to increased costs and decreased profitability. Secondly, if the problem becomes significant, it requires the haul trucks to be shut down for manual removal of the accumulated material.

By applying PavePro, you can effectively prevent asphalt carryback. Its unique formulation ensures that asphalt doesn’t stick to the truck beds and sides, eliminating the need for tedious manual cleaning. Instead, the asphalt smoothly releases from the truck, ensuring that every load is maximized just like everyone wants.

PavePro Green is the ideal asphalt release agent, but for states that require a QPL product, you might be interested in PavePro Blue.

Asphalt Rollers

PavePro Blue is also the best asphalt roller release agent to prevent asphalt pick-up. Add it directly into your roller’s water tank for long-term release on all types of rollers.

It eliminates pick-up with its 100% active formula that forces water to bond to metal and rubber, exhibiting major anti-wear and anti-adhesion properties.

Tack Trucks/Distributor Trucks

PavePro Gold’s versatile and effective formula makes cleaning your distributor truck and ensuring proper function easier than ever before. It softens and melts crystallized prime and overspray tack for easy removal.

Tack, oil, and prime often harden in lines when it cools. Flushing your lines with PavePro can clear things up so hot oil can flow again. Caked-up nozzles spray oil in every direction except where it should go. Soaking your nozzles or spraying them with PavePro can clear them up to flow correctly again.

PavePro is pH-neutral and water-deactivated; it will not dull out aluminum and is safe on rubber.

PavePro’s Asphalt Release Agent is a game-changer for municipalities, delivering unparalleled efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance. With long-lasting results, reduced costs, and enhanced safety, it outperforms traditional methods. Discover how PavePro can transform your road maintenance—learn more today.


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